LED Under Hood Lighting Kit

$ 29.95 $ 39.95

  • Universal, fits all makes and models
  • Automatic on/off
  • The LED's illuminate when the hood is opened, and shuts off when closed
  • Includes all parts needed to install under the hood of any vehicle
1x LED strip
1x hood switch
4x wire connectors
1x inline fuse holder
1x 5 amp fuse
2x alcohol prep pad
4x 4" zip ties
24 ft of wire (12 ft positive + 12 ft negative)
Detailed instructions with pictures.

LED Strip Specifications:
12 inches long
30x 5050 SMD LED (very bright)
Waterproof, sealed in high quality resin
3m heavy duty adhesive backing

What you will need:
Wire crimper, a wrench/socket set with various sizes, and some knowledge of 12v wiring.
A drill with a 9/32" bit may required if an existing hole cannot be used for the switch.

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